hey what are you guys listening to these days? favorite song or artist atm?

edit: you guys have got great taste in music xx

  1. swaggisgirlisland answered: beurifulll
  2. dont-kill-m-vibe answered: nicky romero, nervo, avicii, steve aoiki.. etc
  3. lifeliver7 answered: I’ve been rediscovering Frank Ocean and I also listen to Alt-J and to the Vaccines
  4. moelayreallypumpsmynads answered: attracting flies & just a touch by alunageorge, big talk by conway, atlantis by strfkr, blue electric roses by travis garland! hope you like
  5. jlrobinson answered: get free by major lazer
  6. dedpuppies answered: damn it feels good to be a gangsta, by geto boys
  7. kalifornia-lovinn answered: demi lovato heart attack
  8. xxmileycyrusxx answered: msmr - hurricane
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