Anonymous asked:
I'm black & I don't think she is "appropriating" black culture. I think thats another bs excuse people use not to like her.

ok. that’s your opinion and i’ll respect that. but i’m also black, and both myself and my fellow black friends (along with a lot of my friends who aren’t even black) feel that she is. I mean i’ve (obviously) always liked her, and then this happened, so i would never just use that as an excuse. maybe some people are, i don’t know, but my friends and i are actually offended.

Anonymous asked:
I respect ur opinion but just watch Miley the movement on mtv, she explains everything why she's been acting like that. I'm not a big fan of her but I like her style and I support her because no matter what people say about her, she keeps doing her thing u know. God bless u :)

I was going to, but then after that Sinead O’Conner thing and the way she responded…I just decided after reading all that mess that it’s best to just leave it as it is. Thank you for respecting my opinion, i’m not a religious person but God bless you too ♥

Can you please put my Miley blog on your blog roll??? There's a link in my main tumblr, but anyway it is miley-cy-rus(.)tumblr(.)com it would mean a lot to me!! And I'm sad you're leaving your blog btw, I totally respect your opinion but I really like your blog haha, do you have a main?

for sure i will! haha i do, it’s :)

edit: your blog is so great, i really love it!! haha i just had to say that

Anonymous asked:
i really agree with ur opinion about who is miley being right now. I mean, if I look for something to admire about her, like I used to all this six years, I see nothing except she does what she wants and doesn't care about opinions, and thats fine, but, idk, i still love her with all my heart, and i think ill love her forever just bc she saved my life literally. And its fine that u leave, and thanks for leave the ask open. I'll really miss you.

That’s pretty much exactly how i feel right now. I really respect her ability to do what she wants without focusing on other people judging her, that takes a brave person. That’s so great that she saved your life! I’m glad you’re still around and that you support her ♥♥

mileysbod asked:
hi! I'm a miley fan blog! I was wondering you could follow and and add me to your blog roll? :) I'm sad ur leaving tho xoxo take care

yes, i absolutely will! thank you, i’m kind of sad to see me go too :( it’s for the best though. xx

anna-wa asked:
:( I'm so sorry that Miley has lost your love. I will admit that this era has left me confused as well with all the offensive stuff she's been doing/saying but I still love her because she's very important to me. / I respect that you don't though. I'm sad to see this blog go but I understand why. *hugs* Thanks for being an awesome blog. <3

thank you for understanding :) i’m happy people still support her, if there’s one thing i will always love about miley it’s how much she loves her fans and how much they love her back.

alright guys, i’m going to try to make this short and sweet and respectful.

i know i said i’d wait until this album cycle/promo is done or until i’m done this semester of school, but i’ve made the decision to leave this blog as it is and not come back to it. the way miley’s acting these days…. i don’t know. she’s just a person and i don’t even know her (obviously) so i don’t want to be all melodramatic but literally everything she has been doing these past few months are a) gross b) offensive and c) attention-seeking. she is not the person i grew to love and admire and i have no idea if and when she’ll ever be again. i kept trying to find reasons to like her but i can’t even do that now, she pretty much crossed the line with me when i saw those terry richardson photos. idk what’s going on with her but she needs to calm herself down. i’d say for you guys to again, respect my opinion but it is what it is and i’m leaving this blog anyway so i guess it doesn’t matter. everyone has been really nice to me, i’ve never received a single hate message (until like 2 days ago lol!) and i felt very accepted and welcomed by fellow smilers on here :)

to make things fair (because i hate when blogs leave without a word or letting people say bye or whatever) the ask will be open for a couple of days and then i’ll close it. this tumblr will stay up i won’t delete it or anything, i’ll put a proper theme back on it and leave it like that you so guys can go through old posts or answered questions, etc. :)

also: if you are STRICTLY a MILEY CYRUS FAN TUMBLR and want followers, leave me a message and i will follow you and add you to my blogroll. and i mean MILEY FAN TUMBLRS ONLY please.

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